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Willow Coins offer a range of selling services from the newcomer on a budget to higher quality coins and the purchase of collections. We particularly specialise in modern British coins from 1816 from fractional farthings upwards.

For those interested in commemorative coin sets for, say, grandad’s special birthday (grandads are not easy to buy for!) we can produce commemorative polished sets of birth year coins

For The Newcomer

The difference in cost between a fine and uncirculated graded coin be times 100. It might be your aim to have the high quality single coins in your collection or date runs where the quality is not so important. However, it can be a bit daunting when you first start collecting because grade is very much in the eye of the beholder and it is easy to overpay for “bright and shiny” coins that are actually low grade. We offer a very wide range of starter quality coins at very competitive prices: let us have your ideas, wish lists or empty slot years and we can tailor quotations.

We also want to encourage children to take up the hobby and coins are an excellent way to teach history as well as appealing to their curiosity about “old things” and their natural interest in money. Our starter packs contain a range of copper and silver (cupro-nickel) coins including all coins from farthings to crowns from £10.

Moving up the ladder

Willow Coins has many hundreds of higher quality or rarer date coins in stock: please request specific details. As we are well connected in the industry we can source specific coins: please let us know your wish list and we will try to fulfil your requirements.

Selling Individual Coins and Collections

Have you found some coins in a cupboard or attic or been given some by Uncle Fred and want to know the value? Phone or email us with photographs in the first instance for advice. We can make an offer by phone/email or for something special or large collections we can arrange home visits.

When sending coins to our PO Box number, preferably using a “signed for” service, please label packages “WILLOW” rather than Willow Coins. The Royal Mail and courier services are all reputable but sometimes mysterious things can happen in the supply chain over which we have no control.

Scrap Gold and Silver

Tragically we receive copper, silver and gold that has been damaged/worn and has no collectable use but the metal has some value for which will pay. Please phone or email for quotations or information.

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